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Our story began many years ago as we would gather amongst friends and family, dreaming about opening a restaurant. Having spent most of our lives in the San Gabriel Valley surrounded by amazing food, we understood that if this dream were to ever come true, we would have to do things right. 
Bun Bo Hue1.jpg

Fast foward several years later. Husband and wife team "Chef Tony and Chef Lily" left the SGV for greener pastures and immediately noticed how few options there were for Vietnamese food aside from your typical Pho restaurants. The opportunity had finally presented itself and the dream was simple, create a delicious menu and provide excellent service. The goal was to introduce the community to all the amazing flavors and dishes that Vietnamese Cuisine had to offer.  The team immediately went to work securing a spot and designing a beautiful location in the city of Chino Hills, while the chef's went to work on the menu. Inspired by their roots the team created a tribute menu full of their favorite dishes from the many staple restaurants in the SGV. 


Since opening it's doors in the Summer of 2019, the team at Lemongrass Bistro has been living the dream. Sharing and Spreading their love for Modern Vietnamese Cuisine.


  • Inspired by our Roots

  • Crafted with Passion

  • Vietnamese for the next Generation

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